Sand Sport Camps for Ages 6-11

VolleyOC's sand-sport camp is the perfect camp for any family that wants their kids to excel in athletics. Sand is great for building up leg strength and endurance, and we make the most of it in our training. We always start camp with agility ladder work and sprint mechanics. We then put those new skills into practice and build the endurance of our athletes with games of soccer and capture the flag. We work in a few beach volleyball skills and drills because it's in our DNA, and we cool off our group with boogie boarding time at the end of camp. Expect your kids to be exhausted at the end of each day, and expect them to look forward to coming back day after day (and hopefully week after week) because of how much fun we make the camp.

All of our Camps and Classes strive for a 10:1 ratio: VolleyOC camps always feature experienced, enthusiastic coaches, many of whom play, or have played volleyball professionally. Whatever sport your child wants to play, the added athleticism they'll get from our camp will help them excel.

Drop-off and Pick-Up are easy!
We're right in the middle of Corona Del Mar State Beach.
We meet from 9am until 2pm, Mon-Fri every week, all summer.
You may pick up your child at noon if you have other commitments.

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