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Pacific Kitchen at Bolsa Chica State Beach is Orange County's newest Volleyball Spot. It's got Beer, Wine and Great Food to compliment VolleyOC's tournaments and leagues.

Pacific Kitchen is located just north of downtown Huntingon on Bolsa Chica State Beach.
It's the Black and Teal buildings down the hill from Seapoint, making it an easy bike ride from HB, Sunset, and Seal Beach. It's run by the same group who brought you Sea Legs on the Beach and Sea Salt… You've driven by it a hundred times, we're sure you'll come to love the place :)

Like our tournaments, we have just two divisions of coed-4s: "Just for Fun" and "Kinda Competitive".


  • All teams, all divisions must have at least 3 players on the court and 4 on the roster to compete.
  • There must be a girl on the court at all times
  • The "Just for Fun" divisions use the State Penitentiary Volleyball Rule Book: No more than three contacts on a side, open handed serve receive is fine, and should a team consist of only dudes, the shortest one must be in drag to comply with that PC "Girl Rule".
  • Rules are a little more strict in the "Kinda Competitive" division, sorry guys, no drag, and your worst hand sets should be called, though open handed serve receive is still legal.
  • Each night we'll try to set you up with 2 matches. Each match will be two games to 15, but we may change this format depending on our numbers.
  • No Whining (Penalty for infraction of this rule: Buy a round immediately at PK)

How Much? / Prizes:
For 2018, Teams are $300 in both "Just for Fun" and "Kinda Competitive" divisions. We'll make sure the prizes for the "Kinda Competitive" division are a little bigger to incentivize better teams and players to play there. Individuals are $69/season. Our goal is that winners can buy a round of drinks for all the teams they beat.

If you're going to be a regular league participant, we'll have passes that will be good for the 2018 calendar year. They will be made available at a very low cost to participants only. Contact Ed moc.COyelloV|ofni#moc.COyelloV|ofni

Location Dates & Time Type Registration Link
Pacific Kitchen Volleyball Courts 5/18-6/29 Friday evenings 6-7:45pm Team Registration
Team Registration is Live
Pacific Kitchen Volleyball Courts 5/18-6/29 Friday evenings 5:45-7:45pm Individual Registration
Individual Registration is Live

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