NMUSD After School Volleyball

Newport Elementary Beach Volleyball

After School Program (4th-6th grade)

Ed Ratledge and VolleyOC will teach your kids to bump, set and spike their way to victory! The NCAA has made beach volleyball its next big sport and players are already earning scholarships. An introduction at an early age will out your son or daughter ahead of the game. Featuring instruction by 12 year pro Ed Ratledge and his talented team of professional instructors, classes are designed to give your child an introduction to beach volleyball by stressing the fundamentals and correct body mechanics. Classes will include fun drills and guided play.

Classes are taught in a 10:1 ratio VolleyOC always uses experienced, enthusiastic coaches.

What to bring: Water, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Wear comfortable clothing!

What we do Coaches pick up the group after school in the Multi-purpose room, utilize the volleyball courts at the end of 14th Street, then sign-out participants either on the blacktop, or at the end of 14th Street. Parents may pick up their kids at whichever location is most convenient, but must sign out their children after each session, unless they have returned this Going-Home Slip. If you have questions or want your child to walk or ride home, please use our VolleyOC Contact Page

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