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Beach Volleyball Camps at Corona Del Mar for Ages 11-16

Let Ed Ratledge and VolleyOC teach your young volleyball players the beach game. Our beach camps are typically attended by players who have indoor experience and want to learn how to play competitively on the beach. Sand Volleyball scholarships are popping up all over the country and a solid introduction to the game from VolleyOC's well-trained staff can help your child earn one. Featuring curriculum and instruction by 15 year professional Ed Ratledge, our week long camps are designed to bring out the best in your young volleyball player. Corona Del Mar State Beach boasts clean, white sand, well maintained nets, and the easiest drop-off location around. We use the four courts in the center of the beach all summer long.
Where: Corona Del Mar State Beach, about a mile from MacArthur and Coast Highway in Newport Beach.
What to bring: Water bottle and snacks are advised, sunglasses are important, and sunscreen is a must! We typically go in the water to finish our day, so swimwear under tank-tops and shorts is the way to go.

What we do: Workouts generally begin with footwork drills to increase the athleticism of our young players. We spend about half of our time doing drills, and about half doing guided competition. We usually hit the water for about 20 minutes to cool off at the end of the day.

All of our Camps and Classes strive for a 10:1 ratio: VolleyOC camps always feature experienced, enthusiastic coaches, most of whom play, or have played professionally.

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