VolleyOC Tournament Late Registration
We generally try to send an email by about 10pm the night before confirming your entry or stand-by list position. If you don't hear from us, feel free to email moc.COyelloV|ofni#moc.COyelloV|ofni to confirm.

Please note that the winter series entry fee of $35/player cash, $40/check is due at sign-in, and will probably be used to pay for everyone's pizza :)
If you don't know your CBVA points, you can look them up here. If you don't have time or don't feel like it because it's a real pain from an iphone, an honest answer such as "not many" or "lots" or "we took 3rd last week but haven't been in many other tournaments" will probably yield the same seeding as looking them up. We don't always have time to re-seed tournaments for late sign-ups, so please don't abuse/overuse this feature as it can screw up the tournament for others, or for you!

Age Division and Gender:
First name, Last name, CBVA number:
First name, Last name, CBVA number:
How many CBVA points does your team have? (approximate ok)
Player 1 Day-of cell phone:
Player 2 Day-of cell phone:
Player 1 Email:
Player 2 Email:
Other divisions we would play if this one is full:
Any questions or comments can go here, just remember, this website isn't your therapist so please don't stray too far from the topic at hand.

You may also email moc.COyelloV|ofnI#moc.COyelloV|ofnI with longer questions.
For emergencies like last-minute cancellations please email AND text Ed. 714-397-1038