Kids Classes with Ed Ratledge at Newport Coast Community Center
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NCCC Volleyball Classes for Ages 7-10

New Sessions Start Every 6 Weeks

Ed Ratledge and VolleyOC will teach your kids to bump, set and spike their way to victory! The NCAA has made beach volleyball its next big sport and players are already earning scholarships. An introduction at an early age will out your son or daughter ahead of the game. Featuring instruction by 12 year pro Ed Ratledge and his talented team of professional instructors, classes are designed to give your child an introduction to beach volleyball by stressing the fundamentals and correct body mechanics. Classes will include fun drills and guided play.

Classes are taught in a 10:1 ratio: VolleyOC always uses experienced, enthusiastic coaches, and most NCCC classes are taught by Ed himself.

What to bring: Kneepads aren't required as we don't teach diving indoors, but comfortable clothing is advised.

What we do: Workouts generally begin with footwork drills to increase the athleticism of our young players. We then use special, soft-foam volleyballs to practice skills and movement for about 30 minutes. We finish many workouts with a game of "Jail Break" which is modified to utilize and practice the skills worked on that day.

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