NEW CHANGES - VolleyOC goes National!

Hi everyone- Ed Ratledge here.
I'm excited to announce that my tournaments are changing platforms.
I'll be partnering with two national platforms: AAU and AVPFirst and I'll run events in Huntington every weekend until July.

Full Schedule

Better Tournaments.
Because my tournaments are now part of well-established national platforms, I'm able to offer parents and players much better events. VolleyOC events will now offer:
AAU seeding points to Junior Olympics (more info below, starts 1/6/18).
Great prizes from our sponsors Wilson, Paul Mitchell, and Jolyn, as well as free bottled water from Kona Deep (starting in Feb).
Most importantly, we'll have bids to Junior Olympics and AVP tournaments (starting late March).
And of course there will still be free pizza for all players

New Points System to Improve all AAU Events
The Southern Pacific District is developing a new registration and points/seeding system. The new system will be used to seed West coast teams at bid events, VolleyOC tournaments, and at Junior Olympics. These points will be available only at AAU Sanctioned events, starting in January. Most of the tournaments in Huntington (starting 1/6) will require AAU Membership AAU Membership it's just $14 for the year.

Here's the 2018 VolleyOC timeline:
Jan&Feb will include the Paul Mitchell tournament series and Kona Deep tournament series, with trophies and prizes for the series champions. Tournaments will take place each weekend, with a championship event at the end of each month. AAU points will be awarded at most events, AVP points at specific events.
March-June will feature Junior Olympic Qualifying Tournaments most weekends. You'll now be able to compete for a Junior Olympic bid in Orange County as well as LA with Gino. We expect these tournaments to be exceptionally strong as we'll have a robust seeding system in place, so all the best players and clubs will be playing.
July 7&8 belong on your calendar. This will be our Summer Showcase Weekend and it will be huge.
We've already reached out to USC, Stanford, Cal, Tulane, Florida State, SJSU, FAU, and ASU. All coaches have indicated that they can, and will likely attend. Texas 692 has committed to sending their 27 best teams, so competition will be off the charts.
Our goal is to have 30 college programs at our showcase, We intend to reach out to every major beach program to meet or exceed that goal.
On 7/7 we'll host Clinics with some of the NCAA's best coaches in Huntington Beach.
July and August will see weekly Thursday Tournaments, just like years past.
Fall events starting in late September, series continuing every weekend through New Years.

Posted 29 Dec 2017 18:02.

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