Top 10 reasons to try Beach Volleyball in 2014

Top 10 reasons to try beach volleyball in 2014


1) Anyone can do it. No specific age, size, shape or fitness level is needed to be good (or have fun) at beach volleyball.
2) It’s really fun.
3) It is really social. The court is small and the teams are small which means lots of laughter and chatting with teammates and opponents.
4) It is very hard to injure yourself. The ball is soft, the sand is soft, and you don’t have to hit hard to win a game.
5) You will get a great workout and a great body. Have you seen volleyball player butts and abs? I rest my case.
6) It’s one of the least expensive sports to play. You don’t need any specific clothing or equipment other than a ball or a friend with a ball you are ready to head to the beach.
7) Impress all your friends and family at your next beach bbq. Keep your volleyball training a secret and you will smoke everyone. Guaranteed!
8) You will make new friends. Beach volleyballers love to meet new people, form pick-up games and go out for drinks or lunch after practice. Volley-related romances are very common as well.
9) The sport just keeps growing and growing. NCAA sand volleyball, Beach volleyball in the Olympics, the AVP etc. You will see beach volleyball everywhere this summer.
10) Remember #7? If you don’t immediately smash your friends, just bring your 6’8" pro volleyball player friend, Ed Ratledge to be on your team.

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Posted 12 Dec 2013 08:59.

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