VolleyOC's small groups are a great way to keep your family healthy and happy! We know your kids are going to spend a lot of time distance learning, and unfortunately that means they'll be cooped up in the house. Our fun and physical camps help you bring balance to your kids lives. Expect your 8-12 year olds to be exhausted from running around in the fresh air on the sand, and expect them to look forward to coming back day after day because of how much fun we make the camp. Each day we'll do agility work, sprints, soccer and volleyball drills, fun camp games like "capture the flag" and "sharks and minows", with an emphasis on volleyball drills and skills.

Our Huntington Camps and Classes strive for an 8:1 ratio: VolleyOC camps always feature experienced, enthusiastic coaches, many of whom play, or have played collegiate or professional level volleyball. Whatever sport your child wants to play, the added athleticism they'll get from our camp will help them excel.

Drop-off and Pick-Up are easy!
Just use the Turn-around at the end of Newland Street to meet our coaches. We practice near the picnic table structures at Newland Street on Courts 6 and 7. You may pick up your child at any time if you have other commitments.

Location Dates Time of Day Price Register Now!
VolleyOC Newland Street Courts, Huntington Beach October Tuesdays and Thursdays 10/6-10/29 3-5pm $249/mo
VolleyOC Newland Street Courts, Huntington Beach November Tuesdays and Thursdays 11/3-11/19 3-5pm $199/mo
VolleyOC Newland Street Courts, Huntington Beach December Tuesdays and Thursdays 12/1-12/17 3-5pm $199/mo